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Ishvara Pranidhana



I'm Cassandra, Creator of Radiant Moon Threads.


I have been creating art in many forms since a young age. Sewing and painting are where I feel most inspired and tapped into creative flow. I began learning how to use a sewing machine at age 6- thanks mom! And I have been creating clothing for myself and others for many years.

Fun Fact: I worked as a professional sailmaker and seamstress for several years!


I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and began teaching recently. As I continue on my journey of consciousness and alignment with higher Self through creative flow living an intentional life - creating this slow fashion business was the clear path.


I am inspired to follow my intuitive creative passion and create for others!

My intention is to adorn all you beautiful souls with threads, with clothing that makes you feel like you, that makes you feel beautiful exactly as you are- because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

My studio practices and values come from the Yoga tradition. 

Honoring the Divine Feminine that lives within us ALL.

Yamas & Niymas

Thank you for supporting my journey of living an intentional life that resonates with my soul.

Love & Light,


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Family Dream Team

Creative Director: My sister & best friend Alicia!

Chief Wagging Officer: Diffley! My furry nephew with the jolliest jowls around. Also my best friend and dog model.

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